Top 5 trends from Mark’s F8 keynote

*Caution: This article has nothing to do with the point of view of Facebook as a company. It’s just my own opinion as a person.

There is the keynote by Mark Zuckerberg every year at F8 developer conference. It’s not just an event for super geeks, but it usually dictates the trend of tech world. I have a look at Mark’s speech and come up with further thoughts on his talk on what kind of trend implication we should recognize from his keynote.

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(1) Less about app, more about chat

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The launch of Facebook’s Messenger platform opens the opportunity for brands and services to communicate in the more natural way than downloading and playing mobile apps. This comes at the tipping point of app economy, when people become really picky on app download and frequently use few apps in normal basis. That’s where messenger world can come into play. So users can connect to the services they use less frequent without having to download mobile apps and learn how to use each app. The transaction can be done by typing or talking in the near future. That’s why all the leading platforms launch intelligent messenger platforms like crazy; including Line and Microsoft. This really casts doubt on Apple’s App Store business model.

(2) Video is the new photo

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Apart from Mark’s touch on 360 video, Facebook Live and Live API; the emergence of fast mobile internet, high performance phone in your palm and new video technologies and services like Facebook Live make video creation and sharing easy like never before. So now you don’t need to be giant broadcasters or famous Youtubers to broadcast videos. Everyone can do video in the time I personally called “Video democratization”. It becomes a new norm of content that started to steal some share from photos. You will still want to share beautiful photos for sure, but you will want to share videos as much.

(3) Virtual reality (and augmented reality) is the next video and marks the dead of TV.

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Mark shared Facebook’s 10 years plan that VR is the next big step for content and that’s why he bought Oculus in the first plan to show the world how VR can become reality.

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He also envisions that AR device will become less bulky and fit to everyday’s life in the near future. You won’t need to buy big screen like TV anymore, because all visual experience can be created on AR glasses with just the matter of app. This makes other screen unnecessary; especially TV screen.

(4) AI not for just content, but for life

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Since Facebook has to cope with tons of data, it always finds a scalable way to do so. As a result, Facebook develops AI to improve user experience for long time and is one of the leader in AI technology. Now Facebook’s AI can understand photos using advanced photo-recognition technology and it will be expanded to texts and videos. In addition, the announcement of Torch open source AI platform will accelerate the development of AI into road safety, analytics and healthcare areas. So the scene from A.I. movie may come sooner than you think it will.

(5) Tech is roaming and democratizing the world.

Mark said…

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“Instead of building wall, we can help people build bridge. Instead of dividing people, we can help bring people together.”

and I totally agree with him. While most governments are inefficient, gatekeeping, intrusive and corrupted; tech enhances better communication, knowledge sharing, business globalization and freedom to live the life we want to live. People of the world started to cast doubt on the existence of the governments and the countries and started challenging federal superpower. Let me put India as an example. Facebook offered Free Basic service to provide free internet access to Indians in rural area with cheap phone, but the India government; instead of negotiation, banned this effort and cut the opportunity for rural Indians to be more connected, more educated, get access to global market and be wealthier. This cannot be changed in one day…I know. But we will see several upcoming controversies between tech world and governments in the chase for one global community.

Bonus!…When Mark becomes the next “Big O”

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No one can ever takes the place of Oprah Winfrey. She definitely is the one and only Big O. But what Mark gives away today make people treat him that way. I don’t say that myself…Wired said that. Mark gives away US$ 800 worth of Oculus Gear VR and Samsung phone to every $595-paid participants. That’s gonna drive the development of VR world for average Joe like crazy.

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